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Reinforcement Weldmesh


Where steel reinforcement of a slab is necessary for architectural reasons, the specification will most likely require high-tensile steel bars along with fabric mesh. Also, the design should be approved by an engineer who is a qualified one. Steel wire mesh comes in a wide array of profiles with varying wire mesh sizes.

For paving works, the most commonly specified steel fabrics are A142 (6 mm wires), A193 (7 mm wires) and A252 (8 mm wires). Thick light-use slabs such as garbage bases, paths and driveways, A142 mesh is used most of the times. For heavier-duty 150-200 mm thick slabs, A252 is suggested. A193 can be used for either of these applications. In light-use applications, a single layer of fabric may be used, but in heavier jobs, two layers – “top and bottom” are used for added strength and durability.

A minimum of 50 mm cover over steel reinforcement, both above, below and around should be there. Hystools, Wire ring spacers, concrete bar spacers, Grade Plate Spacers, purpose made for use with the sheets of Mesh fabric, support the fabric from beneath at regular intervals. . These spacers are placed roughly at a distance of every 600 mm or so, and are sufficient to carry the fabric without allowing it to sag unacceptably.


Mesh FabricSheet SizeWire
A142 Mesh Fabric2.4mt x 4.8mt6mm
A193 Mesh Fabric2.4mt x 4.8mt7mm
A252 Mesh Fabric2.4mt x 4.8mt8mm
A393 Mesh Fabric2.4mt x 4.8mt10mm



Wire Mesh for Concrete Reinforcing – Integral Concrete Structures Component


Bharat Wire Mesh offers reinforcing concrete mesh. We deal with wholesale companies, construction companies, farm owners and suburban areas owners.
The diameter of Welded mesh reinforcement bars is from 3 to 40 mm and the same are located in mutually perpendicular direction, forming a square or rectangular shape mesh. The opening size of the reinforcing mesh ranges from 50 mm to 250 mm. The heavy reinforcing mesh has the diameter rods of 12 mm and above, and light meshes have the diameter of the rods from 3 mm to 12 mm.

When deciding to choose a wire mesh, material, mesh sheet size, mesh opening, the purpose of the same must be taken into account. For example, the thin wire mesh is suitable if you need concrete mesh for plastering.


Reinforcing Concrete Mesh


Bharat Wire Mesh concrete reinforcing mesh specification:


  • Materials: stainless steel rebar, galvanized steel rods.
  • Diameter: 3 mm – 40 mm.
  • Steel rods style: ribbed or smooth.
  • Mesh opening shape: square or rectangular.
  • Distance between rods: 100 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm and 500 mm.
  • Mesh sheet width: 0.65 m – 3.8 m.
  • Mesh sheet length: from 0.85 m, 6 m, 9 m, 12 m.
  • Mesh sizes: 6.0 m × 2.4 m, 4.80 m × 2.4 m, 3.6 m × 2 m, 2 m × 4 m.

The reinforcing steel mesh is used to enhance reinforced concrete structures and has become an integral component of the same.


Mesh Reinforcement For The Foundation


Mesh Reinforcement For The Foundation


In the civil and industrial construction, special attention and increased demands are placed on the quality of the foundation, as the operational safety and durability of structures completely depends on it.



Masonry Reinforcement Mesh


Considered the most popular type of wire mesh. it is referred to the building grid and used as a reinforcing element in the construction of masonry buildings and reinforced concrete. It is known to increase the strength of the structure and quality of plastering work. Steel wire diameter of 3 to 5 mm is used for manufacturing masonry reinforcement wire mesh. The mesh size is between 50 mm to 250 mm.


Mesh Reinforcement For The Floor


Mesh Reinforcement For The Floor


This mesh is packaged in a roll form. It is highly convenient for delivery as the diameter of the wire used is relatively small in size. The length of such a mesh size is not more than two meters, which facilitates its easy transportation.


Reinforcement mesh for roads


Reinforcement Mesh Used In Road Works


Reinforcement mesh is commonly used in road works to strengthen the road surface and is made from stainless steel with diameter of 3 mm, 4 mm, or 5 mm. Its composition with low carbon content allows qualitative strengthening of road terrain. The reinforcing road mesh is the most cost-effective option for construction and repair of bridges, roads, and large industrial plants. Usually, road mesh opening is available in sizes 50 × 50 mm, 100 × 100 mm, 125 × 125 mm, 150 × 150 mm. Its sheet sizes are mainly 1.5 × 2 m, 2 × 3 m, 2 × 6 m.



Trench Mesh


Trench Mesh


Trench mesh is long, narrow sheets of concrete reinforcing mesh, mainly used for paths, trenches or other narrow spaces. Its longitudinal wires (main wire) are 7.6 mm or 15.6 mm in diameter, and cross wire are 4 mm or 4.77 mm in diameter. Trench rib mesh is available in 6.0 m length.



Brick Wall Reinforced Mesh


Brick Wall Reinforced Mesh


Brick wall reinforced mesh is also named as concrete slab mesh.  It is a kind of welded wire mesh panel for reinforced concrete uses. It covers ladder mesh reinforcement and truss mesh reinforcement.



Coal Mine Mesh


Coal Mine Mesh


Mine mesh is a grid which is placed on the surface of the mine’s walls. This mesh retains the walls against falling rocks and ensures the safety of the miners during drilling, and also protects them from loose scaling in the mines. It is manufactured to the desired exact specifications to meet the demands of the mining industry. Flush cut edges improve handling, installation, and maintenance of safety standards. These welded steel mine mesh are available in a range of sizes and configurations to cater to most individual mine requirements.

  • Available in Galvanized Coated material.
  • Rib Mesh and Roof Modules.
  • Superior 500 Mpa Yield Strength Wire.
  • Flat Wire Technology for extra Strength in Bolting Area.
  • Customized mesh to suit specific ground conditions.


Hard Rock Mine Mesh


Hard Rock Mine Mesh

  • Available in Galvanized and Mild Steel.
  • Standard Sheet Sizes available from Stock.
  • Superior 500 Mpa Yield Strength Wire.
  • Special extra Strength Mesh for Seismic and Squeezing Ground Conditions.

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