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Flood Protection

Our environmental barriers are a dependable, easy-to-deploy and robust solution for emergency flood protection or long-term wetland restoration. BWM-filled barriers have a substantial advantage over traditional sandbags, in terms of speed and structural integrity and decreased dependency on labour for installation.
This pioneering technology provides major support and relief during emergencies like hurricanes and storms. BWM products are useful for flood protection, ensuring infrastructure to remain functional during floods and enable emergency service routes to remain open during hurricanes. Originally intended to protect the eroding coastline, they can also help with the conservation of environment.


Flood Protection barriers could be effectively useful for flood control in flood prone areas. A gabion box can be used as a flood barrier. When pounded by heavy masses of water, the impact is gradually absorbed, rather than taken instantly. Again, flexibility offers distinct advantages for coastal defence. Huge sea walls could be constructed with high speed using these gabions. These are advantageous than other solutions in the marine and river environment since they are inert to alkaline and acidic attack.



  • Does not require a surface that is proposed excavation to put posts.
  • Can be filled up with whatever material is present on the spot.
  • May be simply dismantled, plus the materials could be recovered and deployed to another site.
  • Easy to move.
  • Can be handled easily in difficult terrains
  • Lifetime for more than 25 years.

Flood Control Wall

Flood Control walls are really easy to build simply because they do not require a concrete footing. This gabion stone wall prevents erosion through the river bank. Due to the fact gabions are porous, they can diffuse the river’s flow during a flood to protect the riverbank from being eroded. If you have cheap and low-cost stones, gabion erosion baskets let the construction to be inexpensive.

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River Bank Protection

Gabion erosion systems can retain different soil types, including clays, silty clays, and sand. All erosion control methods when carried out by qualified engineers such as the design of gabion river bank protection, will be based upon a niche site inspection of the soil, site contours, peak runoff data, and expected rainfall to the river catchment. This allows the calculation of expected flood flow into the river, and peak river levels.

Gabions Check Dam

Gabion check dams are small barriers constructed through a few gabion baskets bound together to make a flexible row that acts to slow the water flow down in drainage ditches or stormwater runoff channels.

These are typically widely used with moderate slopes as much as 10% and situated in series with a spacing that is typical of -100 yds. apart. These dams are either constructed straight throughout the channel or perhaps in a crescent shape with its open end upstream. The crescent shape check dam is often used to allow an extended spillway than is achievable with a straight one. At the time that is the same it anchors and protects the ends associated with the dam. An offset equal to about one-sixth of the gully’s width at the dam site will generally provide sufficient curvature.

Culvert Outlet Protection

When properly installed, they make it possible to decrease the depth, energy, and velocity of water discharging through the outlet pipe.

Coastal Protection

Gabions walls are constructed to guard the seacoast from the erosion as a result of water and waves. Gabions are capable of withstanding alternative tension and compression without losing structural passage of water throughout the structure. Additionally, they are found to be more advantageous than other gabions in river and marine and environment as they are inert to acidic and alkaline attack.

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