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Soil Erosion

Bharat Wire Mesh provides the most cost-effective prevention for soil erosion, with exceptional results achieved by spraying small quantities directly onto the surface. This application is simple and there is no dependency on time consuming installation of almost everything or additional product treatment onto battered surfaces. Additionally, it ensures long-term savings on the cost of water as well. As a scientifically formulated waterproof product, it is not afflicted with rainfall or storm events, and will offer long-term soil erosion prevention with reduced maintenance required. It ensures there is a decrease in the loss in water, which further results in water savings up to 30% via reduction in required irrigation frequency.


Soil Retaining Walls

Gabion wall that is retaining are monolithic gravity mass structures that are designed for soil erosion control applications. Width of a gabion wall that is retaining is directly linked to the height for the wall. As the height increases, the bottom of the wall becomes wider to make certain structural stability.


Bridge Protection

Gabions work as soil stabilizers around bridges, bridge piers and abutment slopes to supply bridge fall protection that is excellent. Generally, the amount associated with the slope to be protected shall know what gabion structure is best suited for a specific application. Standard gabion retaining wall protection is mostly required by slopes with an angle of 1:1 or steeper. A combination of gabion baskets and/or mattresses for slope protection are needed for slopes with an angle of 1:1.5 or less.


Channel Lining

Gabions are the preferred choice of engineers for erosion control as they provide economical construction for embankment stability, scour protection, etc. Welded wire gabions would be the materials that are common for lining channels.

Commonly used materials for lining channels are gabions constructed of welded or twisted wire. Vertical wall channels use gabion mattresses for the channel bottom and rectangular shaped gabion baskets for the side walls.

Channels with sloped sidewalls are often lined with gabion mattresses on the sloped sides and bottom. Unlike rigid wall solutions, gabions form a flexible, permeable, monolithic structure that promotes rapid development of natural vegetation and plays a part in water filtering that is significant.


Soil Reinforcement

Gabion wall that is retaining may also be used to form reinforced soil walls (also known as mechanically stabilized earth) and embankments. It has been used globally on probably the most significant infrastructure schemes, such as the tallest reinforced soil structure in the world, which is 74m high. Theses system units are made of high-quality double twisted steel wire mesh, that is heavily galvanized, and polymer-coated to give you long-term corrosion protection. The coating protects gabions so that they can be utilized in more aggressive environments, or where an extended design life is needed. Gabions are often used in conjunction with soil reinforcement purposes forming more cost-effective hybrid structures.


Double Twisted Wire Mesh Gabion

Gabions are established, sturdy and technically proven way for erosion control and retention of earth.

Gabions derive their strength from intricately detailed double twisted hexagonal mesh of steel wires. This is so due to the mere fact that in the case of an accidental damage or break of one or more wires, the double twisted wire system guarantees that the least possible strength reduction takes place.

The applications include the retaining of wall structures, Highways and Bridges, controlling erosion, training rivers and canals. Along with providing flexibility & endurance, they are easy to handle and transport.

Gabion structures also ensure offer free drainage which provides higher bank stability in case of river bank protection and are environment friendly as well.