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Modular Gabion System

The portable gabion systems are a new concept introduced by Bharat Wire Mesh and have reached new heights in the concept with its top-notch quality and superior standards.

In an attempt to build flexible, permeable, monolithic structures, gabions are formed as wired fabric containers which are uniformly partitioned and interconnected with other similar containers,

These gabions are filled with easily available stones or other cheap articles that may include recycled materials and can finally be utilized in terracing; retain river banks, support earth banks and countless other manners.

Portable Gabion Systems by Bharat Wire Mesh

Portable gabion systems are made up in a multi-spot welding process rather than the traditional woven process. It is estimated that PVC-coated galvanized gabions survive for almost 60 years.

At Bharat Wire Mesh, raw materials from Tata, JSW, JSPL, VSP, SAIL are used along with the latest plant and machinery to guarantee that high-quality products are manufactured with timely deliveries. Its readily available in roll form, pre-cut panels and partially assembled gabions or mattresses.

Advantages Over Traditional Gabion Systems:

High tensile strength - 650-700N/mm2
Maximum possible zinc coating - 700-750 gsm (100-108 microns).
Life span of more than 25 yrs with 10 yrs guarantee.
Very easy to install and replace.
Multi spot welding process
Easy to repair with 95% accuracy
Comparatively lower in price.
Access Control Points. Vehicle Security Barrier
Remains in prefect/original shape at the time of boulder filling
30-40% material saving by using common walls & top/bottom panels
Comparatively 15-20% less weight/mtr2


Modular Gabion System to prevent Soil Erosion

The menace of soil erosion has caused a myriad of problems across the world however, the gabion systems have proven to be an effective measure to curb soil erosion and in order to stabilize the soil and maintain vegetation.

Due to the inherent flexibility characteristic of gabions, the structures move along with the earth movement and remain structurally intact. It is also observed that due to the characteristic of permeability, the gabions act as self-draining units which rinses off the water that intends to wreck them.

Eco mattresses have also been in buzz as they retain some soil beneath them which maintains soil stability and becomes an emerging point of vegetation.

Apart from successfully and skillfully preventing against erosion, Bharat Mesh’s modular gabion systems also promote natural vegetation, as during the early time of usage, sand and silt get collected in the structures which fill the voids and creates a natural soil-like surface to which roots can hold on.

Modular Gabion Systems at Shoreline & Wetlands

Shorelines are a matchless form of ecosystems that provide diversity to the human world along with the biological advantages.

For the purpose of protection against high-velocity waves gabions are effectively installed offshore or buried onshore. They absorb and dissipate wave energy and become a successful barrier against intrusion by the waters.

It is noted by experts worldwide that modular gabion systems are an optimal solution for the defence of shorelines against seasonal storms and hurricanes.