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BWM Wall Baskets – Providing Extensive Safety & Defence Solutions

Admin June 18, 2020 0 Comments Wall-Baskets

What is Weldmesh?

Early gabion type structures protected the bank of the river Nile around 7500 years ago. During the middle ages, the gabion wall baskets were used as military forts to protect armies. In earlier history, civil engineers have extensively used gabions for the stabilization of banks, coasts, highways, and erosion control of slopes. From the banks of river Nile, where they were constructed till today, gabion walls are a boon for the landscape. It has been used for thousands of years as gravity retaining structures and they make a strong, efficient, and cost-effective wall system.

The wall is formed from gabion baskets that are stacked in one or more rows, counting on the size of the wall. Baskets have a cage shape and are closed on all sides. They are made up of galvanized hexagonal meshes and broken rocks that are placed within the baskets. Retaining structures are formed by stacking gabion baskets during a proper schedule and present an alternate solution for concrete structures within the area of soil stabilization.

Benefits of the Wall Baskets:

• Harnessed –
Wall Baskets look natural and using natural equipment fit into the environment for all purposes and save extra effort. Soil movements don’t negatively influence these walls, which is a plus in reference to stiffer structures.

• Reconcilable with the environment –
Using the fabric made by excavations, the prices of acquisition and transport are significantly reduced.

• Water transmission –
These walls are permeable and aren’t damaged by a leak.

• Coherent –
Wall baskets can expand or increase within the time since the vegetation fills voids and strengthens the wall structure.

• Conveniently carried-
It weighs 10-12 kg and can be easily carried to the remote areas.

• Robustness –
Stone blocks are materials that are frequently used due to their longevity, durability, and stability. Usually, the stone is chosen due to aesthetic attributes or the likelihood of excavation produced material usage.

The wall basket is assembled with collapsible wire mesh cages and heavy-duty fabric liners. The duvet panels, side panels, and bottom panels are produced separately, then assembled to a basket with lacing wire or hog rings. It’s a common practice to settle on a thicker wire to form a selvage wire, which may increase the strength of the basket. These baskets can be efficiently used for:

• Military defence
• Perimeter security barrier
• Command post, observation points, and border checkpoints
• The military barrier fortification system
• Equipment revetment
• Explosives and contraband search areas
• Anti-blast defence walls
• Protecting structures
• Defensive firing positions
• Flood control retaining wall

With the help of a Wall Basket, any kind of structure can be formed in emergency cases:

• Mobile hospitals
• Communication trenches
• Weather shelters
• Guard posts
• Morchas
• Tower morchas
• Bulletproof shelters
• Relocatable bulletproof wall structures

This is the ultimate solution for the India-China border too. As per our water-shed treaty, no-one is authorized to build a permanent structure on LAC. In this scenario, the wall basket can be used as a temporary structure that can provide all the benefits of a permanent structure.

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