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Weldmesh Gabions & Trapions

Chain Link Fencing

Chain-link fencing displays the pattern of a diamond, which includes several interconnected rings. A chain-link fence is a kind of woven fence usually produced from galvanized or LLDPE-coated steel wire. The wires run vertically and then they are bent into a zig-zag pattern making sure that each “zig” hooks using the wire immediately using one side connects with every “zag” with the wire immediately on the other side. This forms the characteristic diamond pattern noticed in this kind of fence.

Chain Link Fence is available in two variations:
• GI Chain Link Fence
• PVC Chain Link Fence


Cost Effectiveness
Provision of Security.
Comes with many different design options
Ease of maintenance and repair
Quick installation


Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is made simply by twisting hard items of the wire together to form pointing shape at various places. It is a less expensive and quicker alternative to building a large and elaborate wooden or stone fencing structure. These pointing shapes are razor sharp and so are ideal for establishing control of entry points to land or buildings.

Bharat Wire Mesh manufactures a special design barbered wire fencing for the defence. Barbed wire fences are incredibly popular within the army. They are used in training grounds from coast to coast. They are viewed as a really popular means of having the ability to simulate a number of combat conditions. They could also be used in team building events or exercises as a way to increase trust and morality amongst the troops. Barbed wire fences are also a popular means of testing the strength and rigidity of many materials such as clothing and equipment, as soldiers certainly need to work their way via the sharp points during training exercises.


Barbed wire and razor ribbon fences are used with success in a multitude of settings such as industrial areas, residences, agriculture and more. Barbed wire and razor ribbon fences can be moved, reused as well as recycled, as necessary. These incredibly versatile security options may be a part of any security plan, playing a crucial role in keeping intruders out.

Unmatched Protection
Barbed wire is a wire twisted together in a cord with barbs that project through the fence at least distances of as low as 5-6 inches. This kind of wires are extremely hard to cut without very specific tools. Any person or animal who attempts to cross the fence will most probably end up injured.

Cost Effective
Barbed wire and razor ribbon fencing is budget friendly to install and maintain but offer great protection. You would not need to invest hundreds or thousands for your home security, but still have the advantages of a well-protected home.

Quick Installation
It does not take days at a stretch to put in barbed wire, which means you will not lose precious time. All that is required are fence posts for barbed wire, and the wire may probably be stretched throughout the posts and set up in a secured manner. However, it can still be installed relatively quickly as compared to other kinds of fencing.


Concertina Wire Fence

Concertina Coils are spirally coiled razor wire which is clipped to form a Helical Diamond Shape in various diameters like 300 mm, 450 mm, 600 mm, 750 mm, 900 mm, 1050 mm, 1200 mm. Hence Concertina Coil can be referred to as Concertina Helix. Concertina Coil is made to erect highly effective physical barriers and it is used either as a temporary barrier or a set one installed on the ground or even to the fence. Each Concertina Coil can be stretched up to 6-12 meters based upon the diameter as per customer’s requirement. Concertina Coil is highly durable and is an effective barrier for protection of various units. These coils are manufactured through the utilization of modern machinery and skills. These coils can be used for fencing gardens and parks and are generally very cost effective in rates.


Finest quality material found in the making - Precisely engineered
Strong and durable


• Easy to install - Steel finished
• Stainless


Razor Wire Fence

Razor wire is a strand that is central of tensile wire, and a steel tape punched into a shape with barbs. The steel tape is crimped that is cold to the wire. Razor wire is manufactured with a tape that is galvanized Zinc coating (ranging from 120 gsm to 275 gsm) and galvanized wire (diameter: 2.5mm) with zinc coating (90 gsm to 275 gsm). For lots more critical razor wire applications, stainless steel wire is used.


Tree Guard Fence

Trees can be made aesthetically pleasing by using springs and weld mesh panels. These springs help in making the box structures and also work as posts that can fix the tree guards to earth. Galvanized wire mesh is employed as tree guards to safeguard trees from browsing animals. This mesh is high-quality, known to withstand time and stay effective.

These wire mesh tree protection guards are also installed in public places, amenity areas, parks, play areas, and visitor attractions to get rid of dogs and also keep the public from damaging newly planted saplings or young trees. Weldmesh panels for tree guards are formulated out of 4.5mm wire that is galvanized and has a pitch size of 75mm x 75mm. These are polyester powder coated, which enhancing the looks of the same and help increasing the durability and life of the product.


Weld Mesh Panels

Weldmesh is the term for of the kind of barrier fencing that is stated in square or mesh that is rectangular steel wire, welded at each intersection. It is almost always affixed to steel uprights. Weldmesh fence has an edge over chain link fencing wire of not bending so easily and not being so easily cut. Anti-climb mesh (a version of weldmesh, also shown in the image above) comes with high security, with mesh aperture being smaller (typically: 75mm x 12.5mm). This mesh is perfect for high security sites, schools, and industrial parks.